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GBY22   Bypass Sliding
The IStyle sliding shower door, tub door or enclosure brings an air of sophistication and luxury with its modern and fully frame design. The striking stainless steel hardware delivers a perfect mix of exceptional quality and cool classic style. Always use a microfiber cloth / Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaners and sponges/ mix of water & vinegar to clean.

Model:                      Fits most opening size:
GBY22-4876C              46” —48” W x 76”H Chrome
GBY22-4876NN            46” —48” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel
GBY22-5476C              49” —54” W x 76”H Chrome
GBY22-5476NN            49” —54” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel
GBY22-6076C              55” —60” W x 76”H Chrome
GBY22-6076NN            55” —60” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel
GBY22-6676C              61” —66” W x 76”H Chrome
GBY22-6676NN            61” —66” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel
GBY22-7276C              67” —72” W x 76”H Chrome
GBY22-7276NN            67” —72” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel
GBY22-6060C       Bathtub           55” —60” W x 60”H Chrome
GBY22-6060NN    Bathtub            55” —60” W x 60”H Brushed Nickel

Walk-in opening:
Both sliding doors opening installation
Configuration consists of a stationary panel and sliding door
Premium 3/8in. (10 mm) thick certified SGCC ANSI clear tempered glass
Large wheels effortless sliding action
Stainless steel top track  and bottom track can be trimmed up to 5 in. for width adjustment
Attention! this model has NO adjustment for out-of-plumb (uneven walls)
Hardware finish: Available in Brushed Nickel OR Chrome
Minimum threshold depth of 3 inches is required for proper installation
Important! all measurements should be taken only AFTER walls are finished (tile, back walls, etc.)
Professional installation is required
10 Limited Warranty  on all hardware parts. Excluded tempered glass, damage incurred during installation, labor & shipping fee.
Professional installation is required
Drilling into the threshold is required for installation of this product
2 person team necessary for

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